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Unchanged by time, SchoolPictures.com remains your trusted leader in school picture photography.

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SchoolPictures.com offers a one-stop solution for portraits, sports photos, yearbooks, and more.

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SchoolPictures.com is the trusted choice for more than 500 schools in Michigan and its surrounding states.

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SchoolPictures.com offers top-notch quality without the high-end price tag. With our range of budget-friendly packages, we cater to every budget.


Founded in 2005, SchoolPictures.com is more than just a school portrait company. We’re a Michigan-based organization deeply committed to enriching the academic community. Over the years, we’ve simplified Picture Days for everyone involved—administrators, parents, and students alike.

Two Decades of Expertise
With 18 years in the industry, SchoolPictures.com brings unparalleled experience to every picture day, ensuring quality, efficiency, and satisfaction.
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Efficient, Safe, and Memorable Picture Days. Typically Completed Before Lunchtime.
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At SchoolPictures.com, we combine state-of-the-art technology with skilled photographers to transform the traditional picture day into a modern, efficient, and stress free event.
Photographers Who Truly Care
At SchoolPictures.com, our professional photographers aren't just skilled behind the lens—they're committed to making each picture day a positive, memorable experience for students and staff alike.
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Quality Meets Affordability: SchoolPictures.com is committed to providing exceptional photography services at prices that respect the family budget, making cherished memories accessible for all.
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At SchoolPictures.com, our commitment to you extends beyond photography. With our top-notch support team, we ensure a seamless and satisfying experience, from the first click to the final print.